Market Data

SCB Group’s position as the world’s largest biofuel brokerage gives access to a unique and comprehensive set of proprietary daily market prices for biofuels and associated credit schemes. SCB’s data allows customers to analyse historical trends and spot forward looking business opportunities across the biofuels, energy and agricultural commodities sectors.

•         Spot physical prices for agricultural and waste based biodiesel in the US, Europe, and Asia

•         Forward paper prices for European biodiesel

•         Forward paper prices for biodiesel feedstocks, including crude palm oil and rapeseed oil

•         Denatured fuel ethanol prices in US, Europe, and Asia

•         RIN datasets for current and vintage compliance years

•         California LCFS credit prices

SCB’s datasets are available on subscription via the RENW function on Bloomberg, and through TPI.  SCB can also tailor bespoke datasets upon request for electronic delivery. Please email to find out how SCB data can give you an edge through better biofuel market visibility.


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