Inappropriate Conduct
We believe in maintaining a working environment free of violence or threats of violence and intimidation. This means inappropriate language, gestures, threats of violence, and physical violence will not be tolerated. This kind of behavior creates hostile working conditions. We will resist the beginnings of this behavior by treating threatening and inappropriate language with the utmost seriousness.


We believe in treating each other with respect, whether it’s a co-worker, supplier, customer, or anyone doing business with us.

Harassment: Any conduct which inappropriately or unreasonably interferes with work performance, diminishes the dignity of any person, or creates an intimidating, hostile, or otherwise offensive work environment.


Associates who come forward with concerns play an important role in maintaining a healthy, respectful, and productive workplace, as well as protecting our stakeholders. These associates help our company address problems early — before more serious consequences develop. It‘s important for each of us to create a working environment where everyone can raise concerns of ethics issues without fear of retaliation.

Retaliation against associates who raise concerns or questions about misconduct in “good faith” will not be tolerated. Good faith means that you have made a genuine attempt to provide honest and accurate information, even if you are later proven to have been mistaken. We reserve the right to discipline anyone who knowingly makes a false accusation or has acted improperly. However, if an associate voluntarily reports that they were involved in a violation, such self-reporting may be considered when determining the appropriate disciplinary action to be taken.

Each of us is responsible for creating a culture of trust and respect that promotes a positive work environment. This means treating one another with fairness and courtesy in all of our interactions in the workplace.


We are committed to maintaining a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment. We will not tolerate discrimination in employment, employment-related decisions, or in business dealings on the basis of race, color, ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, disability, ethnicity, national origin, veteran status, marital status, pregnancy, or any other legally protected status. We should provide an environment free of discrimination to our associates, customers, members, and suppliers.


Intentional Dishonesty
Striving for excellence means operating our business with high integrity, and avoiding deceptive, dishonest, or fraudulent activities. Fraudulent actions are not only unethical, but may also be a violation of law. You should manage your particular area of business with as much transparency as possible. You should encourage a work environment that supports the contributions of your associates, and is based on our company’s values and ethics. Acts of fraud or dishonesty are more likely to occur in environments with insufficient controls and unrealistic expectations. In order to maintain excellence in our operations, you should encourage transparency, honesty, and realistic expectations.