Client Community
SCB is passionate about progressing knowledge and learning in renewable energy. We also want to contribute positively to the commodity community in general.  


Over the last ten years SCB has spent over $750,000 and substantial amounts of time and effort supporting and sponsoring biodiesel, bioethanol and biomass conferences and congresses around the world. Our motivation is to promote understanding of the products in order to boost usage and transparency. SCB staff  have given over 150 presentations at conferences, in addition to television and newspaper interviews with the same goal of promoting the growth and development of the bio markets.

SCB Client Events

SCB has an annual calendar of client events where opposite numbers can meet and get a better understanding of the issues different parties have in the market place. Guest speakers often add further insight to the discussions.


Left: Bob Geldof who met with SCB clients in Brussels to discuss biofuels adoption in rural communities, rock music and the world in general.

Centre: Alain Prost who in addition to being four times Formula 1 World Championship winner was an advisor on biofuels for the French government, met with clients of SCB in Geneva to discuss biofuels and his career.

Right: Nick Leeson, who gave a presentation to clients of SCB in Amsterdam about the ups and downs of trading.

Corporate Social Initiative  (CSI)

The employees of SCB believe that the firm should engage with the wider community as part of a CSI. This initiative is linked to our core value of respect and reflects the importance we place on opportunity, effort and determination. The focused areas of support are firstly the disadvantaged and secondly education. It’s our view that given the chance almost all people wish to do the best they can, but, in some cases there are impediments such as poverty or lack of skills or in some countries, gender. We support moves to equality of opportunity, not outcome.


Several academics have estimated that not more than 3% to 5% of all charitable foundation money goes to organizations serving the poor, people of color, women and children at risk, gays/lesbians, disabled and troubled youth. We wish to ensure that at least 50% of our donations touch people in these groupings. The bulk of the remainder of the funds will be earmarked for education, in any form. Ideally we are looking for educational projects in which we can have some sort of operational involvement and preferably within the biofuels or sustainability sectors.


Our objective is to support projects in the vicinity of the SCB office network, so Geneva, Chicago, London, Puerto Rico, New York and Singapore.


In the past SCB has split its resources between simple charitable giving and supporting volunteering.  However, our entire focus has moved towards supporting volunteering. SCB has supported two charities though volunteering with some financial support where necessary.

Educational Sponsorship


University College Dublin

Since 2012 SCB Group has been pleased to sponsor of the Energy Commodity Project as part of the MSc Energy & Environmental Finance at University College, Dublin.  

The first prize winner in this project annually will be awarded €3,000. Second and third prize winners will receive €1,500 and €500 respectively.

MSc Energy & Environmental Finance at UCD highlights:

  • The MSc Energy & Environmental Finance is the only Masters programme in Europe covering both energy finance and environmental finance.
  • Key figures in the energy & environmental finance industry have contributed to the Programme.
  • Option of research or internship project in the third semester.
  • Applicable skills covering all the major energy & environmental risk areas are covered.
  • Conceptual and quantitative content to enhance the capacity to stay abreast of developments in this dynamic field.

SCB a sponsor of UCD's MSc in Energy & Environmental Finance


University of Wisconsin

SCB also sponsors a program at the University of Wisconsin.

Graduate students registered for the Energy Markets course are required to complete a term paper on a topic provided by the professor. SCB, in partnership with the Energy Analysis and Policy Certificate program, is providing $5,000 in cash awards to be divided among the top three student papers. Students are also encouraged to apply for a summer internship with SCB.

Women's Leadership & Adventure Summit 2013-2016

SCB Group is proud sponsor the Women’s Leadership & Adventure Summit (WLAS) to be held in the American Mountaineering Center, Golden Colorado. WLAS is an annual conference designed to unite and empower women and develop leadership skills through outdoor adventure. 

Inspirational women from a variety of backgrounds mentor and challenge participants throughout the weekend.  The exhilarating ‘adventure breakout’ and ‘speaking’ sessions encourage participants to set challengingoals which will inspire them long after the weekend is over.