The SCB Group is a combination of companies working to further goals in commodity brokerage. We provide brokerage services across the globe in biofuels, energy and agricultural markets. Operating from the commodity capitals of the world we offer commercial and financial customers brokerage services in physical, listed and Over-The-Counter commodity derivatives. 

The SCB Group began in Switzerland in 2006 as Starsupply Renewables SA (Effective 1 January 2018, Starsupply Renewables SA has changed its name to SCB Brokers SA). Other companies were subsequently formed and joined the Group. SCB & Associates LLC operating out of Chicago since July 2009, SCB & Associates SA in Geneva since 2010, SCB & Associates Limited London since December 2011, SCB Derivatives LLC since 2012 in New York and SCB & Associates PTE LTD from 2013 in Singapore and finally with of course our sister office Starsupply Petroleum in Rotterdam since 1983.

SCB’s business advantage arises from the way the firm manages information flow across products and geographies. We evaluate and integrate information from diverse sources in order to surface normally unrecognized relationships in the interplay between biofuels, traditional energy and agricultural markets.

At SCB we invest heavily in client relationships from the ground up, visiting agricultural producers, attending and speaking at conferences and partaking in industry round table discussions. We are regularly invited to attend producer and industry association functions where our experience in the market upon request is used to assist smaller companies get more comfortable with derivative trading, regulatory changes, physical delivery logistics and other market changes.

The SCB Group is committed to the markets in which we operate. The industry volatility over the last few years has seen many brokers come and go.  However, management and staff in the firm remained unwaveringly committed to our markets. We kept our high standards of service, kept producing daily market reports, contributing prices to Bloomberg, Reuters and other media services and kept looking for more customers to bring to the commodity markets. We believe we have shown our commitment in the bad times and the good.


Professionalism and Integrity

The world of commodities involves different cultures and business sectors each with their own rules of engagement and business practices. In the world of biofuels which rests between energy and agriculture these differences are at their most acute.

Through professionalism and integrity we look to assist clients close transaction in physical and derivative biofuels, energy and agricultural markets.

SCB Group has a internal code of ethics that all employees are required to adhere.Through keeping this code as part of our day to day culture which we believe improves results and minimizes errors.